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  • Can I make payments online for the SafeStart Program?
    Unfortunately at this time other than for initial registration we do not have a partial payment online feature, this is something we are working on to get in the future. When you are wanting to make a payment please call 705-730-1130.
  • Can I take the course prior to having my G1 or if I am still 15?
    You can start our course without having your G1. You still have 1 year to complete the course. You can also start the course when you are 15 years old, however we do recommend that you start within 3 months prior to your 16th birthday so you have enough time to complete all the required components of the course within the year.
  • How does the SafeStart virtual classroom work?
    Our virtual SafeStart program consists of 3 days virtual classroom via online Zoom technology. The 4th day will be a full day in our simulation lab once it is safe to do so. You can register for the online, virtual classroom on our website or by calling 705-730-1130. Once students have completed all 4 days of the program as well at 10 hours of HomeLink online training, they will be assigned to a driving instructor for their 10 hours of in vehicle lessons.
  • Once I finish the classroom how long will I have to wait to start in vehicle?
    Once you have completed the in class portion, you will need to complete your 10 hours of online work and any outstanding balance must be paid. Once you have all of these completed please contact the office so we can assign you to an instructor according to where you live and book lessons with you.
  • How long does the full course take and how long do I have to complete it?
    Once you start the course the Ministry gives you 1 full year to complete 20 hours of in class, 10 hours of online and 10 hours of in vehicle. You can go at your own pace to complete the course within the 12 months. **Please note that due to COVID-19, the MTO has allowed for an extension to this time frame if you have already started your course or are taking a virtual online course during the epidemic.
  • How do I begin my course online?
    You can visit our tutorial page to find out how to start your self-pace learning: Or visit to check out our Virtual Classroom.
  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    Yes. We do offer a payment plan for our SafeStart programs. There are no extra fees for going with the payment plan versus paying in full. The payments are as follows: $200 to reserve spot in the class $275 due on the first day of class Remainder due before starting in-vehicle lessons
  • If I change my BMS password will it change my homelink password?
    Your homelink username and password is the same as your account sign in. If you change you account password it will NOT change your homelink password. If you change your password please call the office and we will change your homelink to match.
  • What happens if I miss a day in the class, can I keep going?
    If you attend classes 1 & 2 and you miss class 3 you cannot do class 4 until you complete class 3. You must complete the course consecutively in order to meet the Ministry requirements.
  • What kind of course packages does DriveWise offer?
    please check our packages page for more information
  • How can I find my HomeLink username and password for my online training?
    If you cannot find the initial email from your registration with your username and password you can email or call the office and we will be happy to provide you with you login information.
  • Can I switch into a different course if I can’t make the one I signed up for?
    If you cannot make it to the original course you signed up for you can call the office or email our info account and we will gladly switch you into a new course of your choosing.
  • Where is the closest DriveWise center?
    Please visit for a list of our centers, or to do a search and find one near you.
  • How do I get my license?
    Getting your license differs from each province in Canada. To get started, please use this resource: For Ontario, please check this link: In Canada, new drivers who wish to attain a driving license will be required to complete all the steps at their Ministry run Transportation office. For Example, In Ontario, it is the MTO/DriveTest Centers.
  • When can I begin driver training?
    This depends on which Province you call home. Please check for regulations regarding your province by starting here: Each training program varies in length to best reach the learning objectives. Our SafeStartprogram is 40 hours divided into in-vehicle, in-class, online and simulation training.
  • Can you teach me to drive standard/automatic?
    Yes! DriveWise is one of the only driver training centers that offer both standard and automatic lessons using the power of simulation. Students are able to practice shifting techniques on the simulator without worrying about harming the vehicle’s clutch or transmission. Please contact us directly if you would like to set up a lesson. 705-305-1130
  • What is included in the SafeStart program?
    The regular SafeStart program consists of 40 hours of targeted learning: 20 hours are spent in class, with 6 hours in the simulation lab, 10 hours of online learning and 10 hours of private in-vehicle instruction. The Deluxe SafeStart program consists of 20 hours of in-class training, including 6 hours in the simulation lab, 10 hours of online learning and 14 hours of private in-vehicle training (2.5 of the 4 additional hours can be used for road test at the discretion of the student). The Blended SafeStart and Blended Deluxe SafeStart have the same hours with in-person program, but are 2 days in-person and 2 days online.
  • Does DriveWise do professional/corporate/municipal training?
    DriveWise offers extensive training for various professional and corporate industries. DriveWise is able to offer online modules (pre-hire screening, new-hire and recurrent training), in-class lessons (both in-house and mobile/on-site), simulation training and optional in-vehicle learning. Some of our clients include Brinks, FedEx, Staples and Pacific Western Transportation. DriveWise offers national and international safety standardization based on risk mitigation data provided by our clients. Programming is built to be occupation-specific in order to best satisfy our clients’ needs. Professional program information can be found at:
  • What courses do you offer?
    DriveWise offers a wide variety of programs that are suited to different learning objectives and risk factors. Our SafeStart program is perfect for new drivers looking to get their license. The Road Ready and Test Ready packages are ideal for practice and preparation for road tests.
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