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Our Newest
Blended Approach

Step 1 - Self Pace Online

10 hours of theory to prepare for the classroom (must be complete before step 2). 

Step 2 - Classroom/Simulation

10 hours in-person theory complemented by hands-on simulation (must be complete before step 3)

Completed on the dates you have registered for.

Step 3 - HomeLink

10 hours online interactive learning modules.

  • Blended learning environment which is highly interactive to achieve maximum learning retention

  • Highly trained, qualified and experienced instructional staff – leaders in the industry

  • Driver's License History (DHL) provides proof of successful completion of and graduation from a BDE course and BDE graduates with a DLH may be eligible for an insurance discount

  • Graduates are eligible to take their road test at 8 months instead of 12

Step 4 - In-Vehicle

10 hours one-on-one in-car training.


$990 + HST

NOTE: Pick up location for in-vehicle training will be in the core of the city. Our lesson plan and scheduling does not allow for travel to outer city limits.

Basic SafeStart Course

40 Hours of Training


Students are taught

  • Rules and laws of the roads – including commonly misunderstood laws and signs

  • Consequences of impaired driving – alcohol and texting, etc.

  • Proper visual scanning to spot and solve potential hazards

  • Managing space around your vehicle effectively

  • Highway/freeway problems, emergencies and ramps

  • Managing risk at intersections

  • Parking skills – parallel parking, 3 point turns, hill parking, stall parking, etc.

  • One way streets

  • Braking techniques (abs and threshold)

  • Gravel road driving – gravel shoulder recovery

  • Adverse weather conditions – best taught all year round on the simulator

  • Cooperative driving – recognize other drivers make mistakes – less prone to ‘road rage’.

  • Pylon maneuvers (optional in-car lesson)

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